New Testament Simplicity

In his book, The Road to Reality, K.P. Yohannan describes the material life of those who follow Jesus. Check out these hard-hitting quotes and notice the radical contrast between the message of our culture and that of our Lord. Where am I laying up treasure?

  • “The conclusion is inescapable: In light of the present world condition and the commands of Christ, we must give everything above basic necessities to complete world evangelism.”
  • “I’m calling on believers everywhere to join me in a radical, far-out life of simplicity that will seem crazy to many of your family and friends. You can live a greedy, self-indulgent life. Or you can choose the way of the cross, living for others as Jesus did and still calls us to imitate today.”
  • “The most important goal is to employ material things for the kingdom of God rather than ourselves. This is one of the truest tests of where our affections really lie. Christ demands nothing less than lordship of our whole being, including the material blessings we have accumulated in this life. It’s not how much we give that counts — but how much is still left sticking to our fingers. That is the only way to measure correctly the simplicity of one’s life. It remains one of the most private, spiritual self-examinations we are required to make, but absolutely essential if we are to have the spiritual reality we seek.”

Convicting stuff.


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